Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brasserie Cantillon

On Saturday we made a trip to Brussels, for, among other things (but not really), a tour of Cantillon. Cantillon is an amazing lambic brewery (apparently the last of Brussels)!

We entered from the "Brussels Museum van de Geuze" door, which I believe is where all tourists on non-brewing day go.

Once you enter you are amazed by one of the most brilliant smells you've ever been exposed to. Such is the smell of a room full of barrels aging lambics in the way they've done for decades. The rustic charm is hard to beat, and quite a departure from the (necessarily) sterile aesthetics of US breweries.

Chasing Lambics for 2 years

This blog is intended as a medium for me to catalog my 2-year stint in Leuven, Belgium, where, in addition to working, I will be attempting to try every purchasable Lambic in Belgium. Along the way, I hope to share experiences with Belgian beers of all kinds.